What More Can I Say

About JaE

".....I don't get star struck very often so pay attention to this interview cause you're going to love this lady (JaE) as much as I do.... You (JaE) sing from the soul girl and you play that guitar like nobody's business....."

"You are a phenomenal artist, your presence is overwhelming..."

We All Love


"JaE’s voice is powerful — usually, when I’m in the room as the musicians play, the amplifiers and drums are so loud that I can’t hear the singing over the fray until I get back in the control room, but JaE’s voice carried through with clarity. In the mix we hear riffs, beats, deep basslines and programmed synthesizer accompaniment — and the songs take cues from Pat Benetar as much as Rihanna..............."

"A cosmic blend of rock, funk, soul and R&B, the ethereal sounds of captivating Philly native JaE will be a must see at The Boom Room Presents: Lemonade Stand"